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Buen Augurio was born when Tatiana Acosta, its creator presents her third university project, which was named "Augurio" since this was inspired by a bird called "The Crane", this being of nature is listed as the Bird of love, harmony , peace and tranquility.

In that process, making garments based on emotions and positive meanings, she realized that she felt identified with the spiritual concept that surrounds this species of nature, so she created a brand with values and messages of identity and empowerment for those women who use each garment.

A projection


BUEN AUGURIO arises to be a brand of ready-to-wear women's clothing, awakening personality and authenticity.

Our brand aims to satisfy today's woman, highlighting her femininity and beauty, thus providing comfort, functionality and identity with each Buen Augurio garment since they are made with love and passion.
Each garment and collection is designed and made 100% in Colombia with local raw materials, with design, quality and innovation being the strength of our fashion firm.


High quality
Slow Fashion

Tatiana Acosta

Designer and creative director who puts her heart and passion to Buen Augurio. I studied Fashion Design at the University Foundation of the Andean Area in the city of Bogotá and after a career in creating knowledge, I started my brand. With my passion I want to accompany you on the way to discover a world full of love for ourselves, for everything that surrounds us and always seeking to make you shine.
I have traveled to many parts of the world to discover inspiration, styles and the best references regarding fashion. Traveling allowed me to be surrounded by wonderful cultures and to understand that our style is the unique way of communicating who we are.


Mail: info@buenaugurioshop.com

Phone number (+57) 3196540334